Dr. Richard Newman, Ph.D.

Experienced Psychologist — Helping Adults, Children and Adolescents Lead Happier, Healthier Lives

Dr. Newman Can Help You With:

Emotional Problems in Adults

Adults oftentimes struggle in their personal lives with complex emotional issues. They may feel worried, confused, unhappy, angry, depressed, and “stuck.” Problems can overlap with work-related and family stress (e.g., divorce); and these problems may have existed for years.

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Parenting Difficulties

Parenting difficulties cause stress and often erode adults’ self-confidence. Taking care of yourself and your own needs, while at the same time supporting and taking care of your child’s needs, is a challenge for most parents.

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Emotional Problems in Children and Adolescents

Children and adolescents sometimes feel alienated, unhappy, worried, confused, angry, sad, and depressed. Because these feelings often manifest as different behaviors in youngsters vs. adults, the problems may be difficult for parents to detect and understand.

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Academic Difficulties

Children and adolescents face a complex set of demands at school. Academic difficulties can lead to a child feeling terrible about him/herself and lead to emotional problems. Likewise, low self-esteem and emotional problems can lead to school-related difficulties.

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Peer Relational Difficulties

Good peer relationships offer children and adolescents invaluable opportunities for support, friendship, and social development. Difficulty with friendships, on the other hand, can be hurtful and seriously impede their well-being.

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